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If you have some photographs that you would be willing to share with the rest of your Theta Zetes, then please consider sending them in to the webmaster of this site by clicking on the animated letter at the bottom of this page. Send in a narrative and attach the pictures to the email. Most graphic formats can be accommodated.

The photographs can be from a TEA sponsored event, a local gathering of Theta Zetes, or even before and after pictures of yourself as an undergraduate Zete and today, as an Elder Zete! 

Jim Henderson Jr shared this photo from his era.

Al Hersey, Unknown, Charlie Fuller, Don Schneider, Dan Lee, Freddie Donofrio, Rich Oliva

Theta Zetes at the 2019 Zete Picnic - left to right
Shelley Katz, Bob Kelley, Bob Kravecs, Michael Joyce, Bill Ruggles, Ron Neiderwerfer, Doug Donaldson, Al Smith, Tim Vellrath, Fran Cook, Russ Bowen, Bob Bentley, Don Burr, Harvey Beinstein
Steve Rogers sent in this 1971 composite to share with the TEA.
I didn't know where to put this. It didn't seem right to put it on the Zete News page, and isn't really a Photo Album item, but it is a for those Facebook aficionados, Steve Link sent in this screen shot of how to "link up" with the Actives and the Elders.

The Theta is 50 Celebration Dinner held at the UCONN Alumni Center was a grand time.

Click here to see a photo album from the event.

Who are all these smiling faces? Yes, it is nine Elder Zetes at the pool party hosted by Steve Rogers and Barbara Duprey the night before the Theta is 50 Celebration Dinner.

Click here see more photos from that evening!

We thought having an Elder Association might strengthen the chapter, so we assembled a team of professionals!

Standing: Steve Frankl ,George McKiernan, Joe Nicosia, Ilmars Knets, Steve Link
Seated: Bob Handley, Robert Saunders, Richard LeRoy, Don Burr

(Thanks to Delta Iota (Roy Anderson) who contacted us to fill in the blanks and confirm the ? for us)

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