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Great News! Below is a letter from Bob Kravecs.

Dear Brothers,

   I hope this email finds you healthy and in good spirits.  I have the best news possible regarding the Theta Chapter.  The University has granted approval to our International Headquarters to begin the process of recolonizing the Theta Chapter during the Fall semester of 2023.  This is obviously what we have all been hoping for over the last several years, and our patience has finally paid off.  Once the process begins, it will likely be two years, more or less, before we will have new initiates at UConn.  There is a new Director of Greek Life who with a committee of students, screened a couple of dozen applying organizations for three available spots to add to the University's social groups, and thanks to a wonderful presentation done via ZOOM by two of our IHQ employees, and a very upbeat heartfelt statement by Doug Donaldson regarding our love and financial support of UConn, our love of Zeta Psi and our fundraising success of recent years, we are now scheduled to start a colony next fall.  I was part of the ZOOM meeting but said very little other than introducing myself as TEA President, UConn Dental School Faculty member and UConn Dental scholarship donor.  

   We cannot and will not do any recruiting or have any on or off campus events involving students between now and fall 2023, otherwise the University will revoke their approval of our organization. This was made very clear in the approval letter we received.   If you have any comments or questions, please email me at smdrbob1@aol.com.

Yours in TKPhi,

Bob Kravecs '77 BS, '81 DMD 

        Lambda Zeta of Theta

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